Roland TD-30KV-S V-Pro Electronic Drum Kit

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Roland TD-30KV-S V-Pro Electronic Drum Kit —3959 EUR


Package content are:


Drum Sound Modpe TD-30 x 1

V-Kick KD-140-BC x 1

V-Pad (Snare) PD-128S-BC x 1

V-Pad (Tom1, Tom2) PD-108-BC x 2

V-Pad (Tom3, Tom4) PD-128-BC x 2

V-Hi-Hat VH-13-MG x 1

V-Cymbal Crash CY-14C-MG x 2

V-Cymbal Ride CY-15R-MG x 1

Drum Stand MDS-25 x1 (included in the US)


Hardware Items Needed to Complete the set:

Hi-hat stand

Bass Drum Pedal

Snare Stnad

Drum throne



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17. April 2016